The breif is to create a new band to change the world. This band will be angry and have a lot to say. They stand against government and the way they treat young people. The music will be explosive and “in ya face”. It will make you granny shiver in their slippers. They will convince young people to vote for what they think should be right, so they have better education and better jobs. there music will be load and agresive

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We have a person called bone and he’s the rapper and the dj is called terry, the rapper has loads of tattoos on his arms and a white tank top with navy blue jeans, and the same with the dj.    

5 possible names


5 possible names for my dj

1. 9mm


3.little boy (named after the ww2 nuclear bomb)



my dj will host concerts across the world at many different venues.

my band stands against the government

my possible tiltles for my single debut are;

drop the bomb (on 10 downing street)

gun fire

let it burn

i scraped the idea of a indie band because ‘INDIE; because it seems abit plain and boring and doesnt shock the target audiance

my target audience for my new music band, my audiance age will be in the ages between 13-26 years old

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the brief

The brief is to create a new band to change the world, create a music video to scare the audience and shock the whole world, my band name is killers of life to shock the audience, it will be angry, explosive and in your face. Where are also putting meant to put the shock factor in our work and the band aim is to change the world of domestic abuse and rape.

Who? What? Why?


techno11The genre of my band is Techno (Dance). Techno is a type of heavy bass dance music. It’s repetitive and quite challenging to listen to. It’s relentless. It has abrasive beats, often running up to 140 beats per minute (bpm). It’s most often heard in night clubs. Not ‘seedy’ ones but in devoted, hardcore clubs where people go to dance and to dance hard.

the audience is in the age range of 17-25.every weekend they go to partys and clubs. they drive cars like citroen saxos and vauxhall corsa etc. they work in shops and warehouses, they earn £10,000 a year.they live with their parents. some may still go to school but most go to collage or university.they like to smoke weed and drink alcohol to get them in a dance/party feel.

my audience stand against foreign people coming in to their contry and taking all the jobs, so they…

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Thought shower


My genres of music are rap, the people in my band are:-
steve the pirate – MC
John is the lead singer.

My band stands for the freedom of youth rights in todays society e.g letting young people vote at 16., my band are against rape and the queen.

5 possible names for my band are: Pirates rule, 2 unlimited,shocks scabs, kids r powerful, no crap!!

3 possible titles for the debut single are:- rappers take no crap!!, vote now,

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Developing ideas


dddeddddubetsaoAMy music genre is Dubstep. This isn’t a band in the traditional sense, e.g. drummer, guitarist, etc. Dubstep is all about DJ’s and my ‘band’ includes just one member. His name is Dee. Dee want to legalise marijuana. He is angry about the hypocrisy of the law which allows alcohol but bans marijuana. In his eyes, and this is backed up by medical research, alcohol is addictive, it is a depressant, it causes cancer, causes 1 million deaths per year, can lead to deadly overdose and destroys brain cells. It costs the police and the NHS billions of pounds per year. On the other hand, Dee argues that marijuana is much safer. It’s non-addicitive, it’s an anti-depressant, it can kill cancer cells, has never caused a fatality, you can’t overdose on it and it actually grows brain cells, especially creative ones. Consequently, it barely costs the NHS and police anything. God…

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